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Work With Me

Thank you for your interest in From The Palette!

I’m a cruelty-free blogger, as I really believe companies who sell in China for profit are not deserving of my money or promotion.

My niche on this blog is cruelty-free luxe, as I aim to give my readers the impression and understanding that being a cruelty-free beauty user doesn’t mean you have to stop buying the luxury products from stores that you always have.

I do purchase from brands which are cruelty free and do not have a cruelty free parent company.

I am open to sponsored posts, and collaborations, however, products which are not sponsored are accepted for editorial consideration only.

For reference:

My skin type: Combination, with dryness around my nose and quite oily everywhere else. I sometimes get pimples.
Hair type: Coloured, thin, heat damaged.
Body: Not sensitive to any products so far.
Fake Tan: I do not fake tan.

Got a question or interested in collaborating? Send me an email at

Maddie xx