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Some Of My Favourite Australian Beauty Blogs to Follow

3rd October 2017 6 min read 4 Comments

Some Of My Favourite Australian Beauty Blogs to Follow

3rd October 2017 6 min read 4 Comments

Some Of My Favourite Australian Beauty Bloggers

The main reason I became interested in beauty blogging is that I love reading other beauty blogs, and I wanted to be included in this group of amazing girls! I wanted to go to blogging events with them and talk all things beauty and blogging with people who actually understood what I was saying (my poor boyfriend had suffered enough of my beauty conversations by this point!). I really wanted to create content that I was searching for such as: “MAC vs. Nars vs. Maybelline Concealers” and “How To Buy From The USA Using Shipping Forwarders” because I figured if I was searching for it, the chances were high that someone else was as well!

A few of these bloggers are Brisbane/Queensland based and I have met, and the others – I feel like I know just from our regular comments on Instagram, our blogs and Facebook groups!

Bows & Pleats

Bows & Pleats is a beauty blog specifically focused on makeup, skincare, and hair care. She provides awesome in-depth reviews, and thoroughly tests everything that she blogs about. I think this is about the best quality you can find in a beauty blogger! Sarah is a Canadian who married her Australian husband and now lives in sunny Brisbane. My favourite posts of Sarah’s are her empties posts, Raves and Rejects posts and her personal posts which include updates on ‘project pans’ or life updates. Sarah is also now cruelty-free as well, so she is a great resource as we are all learning together!

Flip and Style

I love everything Vanessa posts, she has this girly and yet sophisticated vibe that I go to her blog for. She has been blogging for a number of years and through this has also created a separate blog about blogging called Blog Pixie. I bought Vanessa’s book “Blog Pretty” last year and it has changed the way I think about blogging, as most blogging assistance blogs are related to blogging tips, and not so much about beauty or lifestyle blogging. I have recommended this so many times, I should sign up to be an affiliate haha! Vanessa’s beauty blog posts about new releases, capsule style updates, and home decor, and she does all three very well. My favourite posts of hers have been makeup posts, capsule wardrobe post, and her home decor posts.

Katina Lindaa

Katina’s blog was one of the first that I subscribed through over two years ago, and she always covers big beauty releases as she’s on the PR list for many high-end and standard brands. You can count on Katina for quality first impression reviews for new products, including swatches on her olive toned skin, clear photography, and dupes. My favourite posts of Katina’s have been her makeup posts and her ‘tips and talks’ posts.

Miss New Beauty

Daniela has also been one of my favourite bloggers for quite some time, do to her beautiful photos and the ability to keep you reading! She has stunning photos, and posts on quite a few new releases as well as general makeup round up’s which are helpful to not spend on new products all the time. My favourite posts of hers have included decluttering tips, makeup reviews, and monthly and yearly favourites posts.


Tash is one of the loveliest bloggers I’ve met! We met at a blogging event in 2015, after reading each other’s blogs for the whole year prior. Tash has heaps of great round-up posts and doesn’t encourage you to overspend on products that are not necessary to your collection. She will tell you about products that didn’t work for her as well, which I find to be a great quality. My favourite posts from Tash are her empties posts (they are always epic!), and her monthly favourites.


I love Jennifer’s blog for the beauty and simplicity she portrays. I have found that she posts a lot of quality reviews and basically very dreamy interiors. Jen’s blog is one I check regularly, and I’ve also enjoyed getting to know her more through her Bi-Weekly Notes. I would imagine Jen is about my age, and therefore her blog content and aesthetics really appeal to me.


Bella from Digyhu is one of my oldest friends as we met in our first year of uni in our Employment Relations tutorial, and I thought she wore great shorts (her sister worked at Cue at the time… explains it all!). We chose classes together for the rest of our degree and on our last day we even tried to get a jumping shot in front of the big Griffith University sign, and on the 3944 time we succeeded! We haven’t lived in the same city in three years when Bella moved to Sydney for work. When B first came to me with the idea of starting a blog, having been such a huge fan of her Instagram for years, I don’t think I could have told her YES any louder! I helped with all I knew, and she was lucky enough to have a good support system on the ground in Sydney to help with the physical set up. We have been a sounding board for each other all year since! I love Bella’s style posts of course, but also her beauty posts as she is quite the stunner as I’m sure you’ll agree 😉 I find Bella’s blog to be so authentic to who I have known over the last six years, and I’m so glad she’s joined our community! Posts to check out are: Secret Weapons For Glowing Skin, Golden Hour with Country Road, Makeup I Pack For A Weekend Away.

The Beauty Collection

Ash is a beauty blogger I’ve followed for three years or so, very near her beginning I would say! She is my go-to for new product reviews and never misses a beat on new releases or extensive product round ups. If the season has changed or a new release has come out, I can count on Ash to have covered it already! I also love her clear and bright photography, and she’s one of my main inspirations right from the beginning of blogging! Some of my favourite posts of hers are Urban Decay Naked Concealer vs Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer, An updated eyeshadow storage collection, An updated lipstick storage collection.

Little Henry Lee

Jess has recently moved to Canada but is still technically an Aussie! I love her photography, and her “using it up” attitude. This is a stark contrast to the “need need need” “buy buy buy” attitude of some of my other favourite blogs, and I truly believe you need a mixture of both to live a balanced life in beauty collecting. Jess had a huge beauty collection in her dreamy vanity before she moved overseas on her adventure, and I absolutely loved seeing her be ruthless and only take what she really truly loved with her. Jess uses a lot of products I like, and I trust her reviews. My favourite posts of hers are An Eyeshadow Palette Declutter, A Minimal Wardrobe, My Way, Trash Talk, and On Blogging and Consumerism.

Like Neon Love

Tenneil is probably my favourite blogger right now, for her dreamy photography, frequent posting and also articulate and well-edited posts. You have no idea how many bloggers can’t differentiate between their/there/they’re, to/too, by/bye/buy and my goodness it absolutely annoys me. Tenneil spends ages putting love into her posts and editing well, and I can really tell and appreciate it. She doesn’t bullshit her feelings and I like to save her posts up for when I am fully concentrating because they are usually quite long. I admit I am always sad when I get to the end of one! My favourite posts of hers are: Don’t Believe The Hype, How My Relationship With Beauty Has Changed, My Dressing Table and Makeup Collection.

I’ve loved putting this together for you. Would you like to see more of my favourite blogs?

What are your recommendations I should check out right now? 


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