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September Empty Products!

3rd October 2016 6 min read 8 Comments

September Empty Products!

3rd October 2016 6 min read 8 Comments

September Empty Products | Maddie's Beauty Spot

My empties bag has been overflowing of late so I thought I would try and make these more frequent (monthly) like Sarah from Bows and Pleats! My finished products have been quite varied this month and I’ve finished a fair few ‘big items’. Read on to see what I thought and if I’d repurchase them.

MOR Marshmellow Body Lotion – this is my all time favourite body lotion! If you’ve been following me for awhile you’d know that I finished another bottle of this in February which featured in my very first ’empties’ post here. I have gone through quite a few bottles of this over the years and I honestly can’t ever remember not using it. It smells musky and I always get compliments from using it. One day I will get around to picking up the body wash as well but for now, I’m trying to get through my zillion LUSH, Body Shop and Avon body washes that have built up over the years.
Repurchase: Yes! But I am currently working through a few PR samples at the moment, to condense my stash

Crack Hair Styling Heat Protectant– My mum is a hairdresser and usually supplies my hair (and myself, of course) with heat protectants every time I run out. This month I endeavoured to finish a multitude of heat protectants in my stash, as I am someone who doesn’t finish products, I tend to be itching to move to the next product already! This is more of a thick cream (as you may have gathered from the name), which I used to rub through the ends of my hair. I have a feeling that this may only be available at beauty supply stores so I’ll refrain from talking too much about it.
Repurchase: No. I hardly ever repurchase heat protectants as my mum and I are always trying new ones.

September Empty Products | Maddie's Beauty Spot
Schwartzkopf ‘Heidi’s Heat Styles’ heat protectant– I love spray bottle heat protectant’s as I find they’re less messy to my hands. I just need to spray them away from anything! This was nice, and very cheap too – quite sure I bought it on a whim between mum’s kind donations of hair products. I liked the smell of this, and the bottle as well. I never really know if any are doing anything but I have never not used them…
Repurchase: No, as I said before – I’ve had this one for well over a year and I’ve only just used it up.

Juuce Straight Control Heat Shield – My last heat protectant I swear! This is one from mum as well, strangely enough, I have just started using another from their range which I almost never do. I found it hard to use the bottom of this as the spray bottle started deforming a bit. This needs to be used sparingly so it has lasted me years. Quite sure it’s actually off at this stage…
Repurchase: I have purchased a similar one recently.

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – Loved this face wash! I bought it in New York early last year and have used it ever since. It is quite pricey at $40 but it lasts so long that it’s worth it to me. I changed this up and used it daily this year, but only a few times a week last year. It’s good for the day-to-day face scrub but not for a full face scrub. I still needed to purchase a proper scrub for the ‘heavy duty’ skin clearing. I hate the smell of this but overall really enjoyed it. As my introduction to Philosophy, what a great way to start! I have since been using a tonne of items from the range.
Repurchase: Yes! I tried in the 20% off Sephora sale but they were sold out so I’ll have to restock soon at Mecca.

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray (Mini) – I really enjoy this spray, although I think it might give me breakouts. The worst pimple I’ve had in ages was after using this two days in a row. I received this from my Mecca Beauty Loop package earlier in the year and I also have another mini and a 30ml size to work through. You could say I’m stocked up! I like that this definitely seems to prolong my wear of my makeup, but it definitely feels a bit stiff on me when it first dries. This feeling goes away and then I don’t really notice it. It’s hard to take makeup off, though, once you’ve sprayed this on.
Repurchase: No need at the moment, but it’s great for occasions you need longevity for.

Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – This felt so oily to me. I purchased this at the 40% off makeup sale at Priceline in March last year, that’s how long it has taken me to get through! In the end, I was very much trying to use this up, and I didn’t really enjoy it. I did well at removing long lasting lipstick but didn’t do anything extra for the eyes that regular micellar water didn’t do.
Repurchase: No, I think it’s unnecessary.

Benefit Gimmie Brow in Medium/Dark – I am currently using my backup of this, and I have gone through a fair few over the last few years. You could safely assume I am obsessed! I always forget how good it is until I open a fresh one, as when I’m using the last of one I tend not to notice that there isn’t much product coming out. It has great colour and holds. I’m looking forward to trying out one of the new packaged ones in the actual dark shades, however, as sometimes this leans a bit grey on me.
Repurchase: Already had a backup but will repurchase in a dark colour when I run out of that.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – I received this in a Marie Claire The Parcel subscription box and it didn’t take us long to make quick work of it. I hated the taste, it was like really strong chemical peppermint. Hard to explain really. I enjoyed the toothpaste overall, though. I might repurchase it if it were on special, otherwise, I wouldn’t pay $10 for it.
Repurchase: If it were on special. I tend to buy whatever Colgate toothpaste is cheapest.

Essence Clear Mascara and Brow Gel – It may look like there is still a bit left in this and that is correct. I have not been loving this for awhile and I got tired of using it. It is quite full on, with heaps of product coming out at once and waiting for it to dry is time-consuming. I picked this up dirt cheap at a Priceline 40% off sale last year and have been working through it ever since. Do you have any recommendations for clear brow gels? I’m happy to go high end of the drugstore.
Repurchase: Nope, but glad I tried!

Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask – I enjoyed this mask a lot. I put it on randomly when I was decluttering my room and relaxed for 10 minutes. So lovely on the skin as it’s very moisturising. I never know if these masks really do anything on my skin but they are super soothing and cooling on the skin. As they’re quite cheap I would repurchase if I needed to make the free shipping threshold on the Sephora website, as I think there would have to be cheaper sheet masks.
Repurchase: Yes, if it helped me get free shipping or I saw them at the checkout.

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