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Project Pan September Update

8th September 2018 4 min read No Comments

Project Pan September Update

8th September 2018 4 min read No Comments
Project Pan

It’s been about 5 months since I started my Project Pan and I thought I would give a brief update of where I am up to in usage and what products I have decided to give up.

If you missed my first project pan post, an introduction to the products in my project pan, please click here first.

Products in my Project Pan


Benefit Porefessional Primer: This primer took a surprisingly long time to use up, mostly because you need so little. I finished it in June, and it will feature in my next Empties post. I did have to cut it open and decant it into a spare sample put to finish it, but I was glad to be rid of it!

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Cool Bone: I monitored and marked the use of this product each month as I was curious if I would be consistent each month. Spoiler alert, I was! I will thoroughly miss this foundation, its ability to make my skin look flawless, and its longevity. I know that Estee Lauder isn’t going to become cruelty-free any time soon, so like everyone else, I am strongly hoping that China stops testing on animals. So far I have semi-replaced this with the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation and I’ll be putting a review up comparing the two.

Maybelline Master Precise and Hyper Sharp Eyeliners (3): I finished all three of these up over the last 5 months. I didn’t have much left on any of them, and I am keen to replace them eventually with one of those wing stamps as I always stuff up my wings, and that’s why I never bother doing eyeliner! I finished this in June.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla: I popped the stopper off this about 6 months ago I think, and it’s lasted me absolutely ages. I’ve been using this with a finger instead of the applicator as I find this allows me to put less on, and thus, less creasing. I finished this in August.

Have Hit Pan On:

Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Light Bisque: I hit pan in this shortly after photographing the introduction but it hasn’t changed much since. I do think I probably have another six months or so of this as you need so little. I am finding it more creamy as we go on.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light (cool): I went off this if I’m being honest, and have been focussing on using up the Nars concealer instead as this just seemed too dark, moved around heaps and didn’t set. I have interestingly been finding a use for it when using the Marc Jacobs foundation as that’s a little dark and therefore my regular concealers often look quite stark compared. I don’t know if I’ll finish this up as I don’t love it, and am keen to get to using my two cruelty-free concealers, Too Faced Born This Way and Tarte Shape Tape. I also did the test that Beauty News did when you can find out when the product was made, and even though I bought it in April 2017, it was actually made in March 2016!!! Yuck! I never keep liquid or cream products that long if I can help it.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter: This is the only highlighter I have used since September 2017, and there’s still about half to go. Considering this highlighter is only 3 grams, and that I pack it on as it’s light, I am very surprised. I would like to at least use up the middle of this and leave the edges as that would satisfy me. But yes, this absolutely opens your eyes as to how long it takes to use a powder!

No Pan Yet:

Nars Lustre Blush: I love this blush and used it consistently until around June when I got a bit sick of it. I will keep going for now but don’t see myself panning it anytime soon, it has 4.8 grams or something!

All lipsticks: I have featured on Nars Rosecliff and MAC Mehr in the photo as they’re the lipsticks I have used over the last five months, so you can see I am making some headway, but yes, I was definitely a little ambitious. I will be coming up to four years old of some of my MAC lipsticks I bought in early 2015 shortly so I’ll have to make a decision what to do. One thing I know, I never want to own this many lip products ever again. It’s just irresponsible, the majority look the same on your lips, and nobody else but you notice a difference anyway.

Benefit Watts Up mini highlighter: I have only used this once as I’ve been trying to power through the Twinkle powder highlight. I look forward to using this one up. I also have a full size barely used to sell – hit me up if you’re keen!

Choosing To Destash:

Benefit Quickie Contour Stick: I have barely used this and I’ve come to realise that I just don’t contour, and I need to stop buying contour products! I haven’t bought any in over a year, but I’m still going to keep drilling it into my brain. I’m trying to sell this at the moment, as I don’t want it to go bad with so little use. It’s a great product but I just never think to use it. I much prefer powder products.

Final Thoughts

I will be continuing to use these products as I can, and don’t plan to finish the Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, and probably the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer as I’m not enjoying them.

If you’re doing a project pan, how has it been going?



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