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Origins’ Most Popular Face Masks

25th August 2017 3 min read 8 Comments

Origins’ Most Popular Face Masks

25th August 2017 3 min read 8 Comments

Origins' Most Popular Face Masks - A Review | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I have wanted to try Origins for as long as I can remember, so when I saw these mini bottles of their most popular face masks in a set on I had to add to my Shop and Box shopping list! This pack also came with the Maskimiser Skin Optimising Mask Primer but I won’t really be discussing that today.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

This mask has a cream texture and is super fragrant, the most fragrant of all the masks I own. It is designed to put even a light layer of this on your face and leave it overnight to soak in. I have a problem with putting a thick layer on and going to bed, as I can’t sleep with all of the fragrance and also I need to continually wash my pillow cases, a bit more than otherwise!

I do like the effects of this mask, it leaves skin plump, soft and hydrated. I’d say this mask would be best for dry skin types. When I am more normal to oily, my skin doesn’t really like this and tends to grease up and get a bit gross. It is a very heavy mask, and this can lead to breakouts if you have sensitive skin.

I tend to use this as a night-time moisturiser, rather than doubling up on moisturisers. I usually apply this last, as I would with a regular moisturiser.

Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay

This is the unexpected awesome mask of the trio. When I purchased the trio, I mostly wanted the Intensive Moisturiser and the Clear Improvement mask, but I got the gold winner in this mask. As to be expected, this mask has a light rose scent and goes on pink (what could be better?).

This mask has rose clay, willow herb and exfoliating jojoba beads, and works to smooth skin and reduce the look of pores. I really like the way this mask feels on my combination skin, it doesn’t feel as tight as some other similar masks, and my pores seem less noticeable when I use this (no such thing as shrinking your pores, ladies!).

When I remove this mask, I exfoliate by scrubbing the beads lightly around my face, whilst rinsing off. This mask is great for congested skin as it will “suck” out all of the crap. The retexturising is no joke and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

This mask is definitely the most popular in the range, as with most charcoal masks these days. This mask is designed with activated charcoal to work as a magnet on your skin for toxins, dirt and other things that have gotten in your skin. With a double whammy of white clay as an ingredient to draw out excess oil, the Clear Improvement mask dries on your face quickly and with less scent than the others, and dries slower around your oiliest areas.

I find this mask is best to use on blackheads as it draws them to the surface a bit faster than a lot of my other masks and clears the area of skin they were in. This mask the easiest between the Rose Clay and itself to remove, warm water feels like it is “melting” off this mask to reveal vibrant, clear skin.

I really like that the Clear Improvement mask is light and smooth to put on, a thin layer feels completely enough to me, and for this, the 100ml bottle will last quite some time!

Origins' Most Popular Face Masks - A Review | Maddie's Beauty Spot
Drink Up Intensive Mask, Rose Clay Mask, Clear Improvement Mask.


My favourite of these three masks would be the Rose Clay, as it is the most gentle and unclogs my pores the most.

Have you tried Origins’ masks? Which was your favourite?


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