Mermaid Julisa Nail Art Bloggers United Event

Mermaid Julisa Nail Art Bloggers United Event // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Recently I attended a Brisbane Bloggers United event, different from the standard format. This time, the event was in aid of The Nappy Collective, where all the money for tickets went towards purchasing nappies for those in need in the community. Having already been acquainted with Mermaid Julisa from the original Bloggers United event back in May I was excited to learn a few nail art tricks!

The event was held in Organic Index in Paddington, which was a cute store selling organic makeup, body and skincare products for all ages (including newborns!). Organic Index has a cute little back area just perfect for workshops of around 8 people or less. Juliet and Elisa had a cute morning tea and nail art area set up for us, mainly just using products found around the house, which is pretty ingenious!

Mermaid Julisa is a Gold Coast based nail polish company who create vegan and cruelty-free nail polish to suit your inner mermaid. They are available from a variety of stockists around Australia as well as online!

We used items such as bobby pins, cling wrap, alfoil, makeup sponges, dish sponges, and dotting pens to get the different effects used. As my hands were a bit occupied (ie. wet with polish), I wasn’t able to get all of the photos I should have, however as more pop up from the other attendees I may add more here.

Mermaid Julisa Nail Art Bloggers United Event // Maddie's Beauty Spot

The techniques learnt were dry brushing, gradient, sponge overlay (cannot for the life of me remember the proper name of this one), and marble nails! They were all quite fantastically easy to do for us beginners and cheap as well, using household products.

My favourite was the gradient and I used this below to apply the Gold and Pink polishes to my nails. You first apply White nail polish to ensure they stand out enough on your nails. Not all polishes will work with this technique, it’s something that requires a polish with high opacity as it’s difficult to continue going over the shades.

A trick I learnt during the morning was to apply Vaseline to the skin around your nail as this allows you to gently pull off the excess polish when you’re done, instead of applying harsh nail polish remover.

My favourite technique was the gradient, as you can see my amateur job here:

Mermaid Julisa Nail Art Bloggers United Event // Maddie's Beauty Spot

I thoroughly enjoyed this event, especially as I’m not someone who overly looks after their nails (I’m a biter!). I thought it might be a different way to enjoy a Saturday morning and I was right!

The lovely ladies even had a delicious morning tea from Jocelyn’s Provisions for us to munch on in between our lesson! Thank you for looking after us Mermaid Julisa team. If you see a Mermaid Julisa event occurring again, I highly recommend signing up!

The finished product:

Mermaid Julisa Nail Art Bloggers United Event // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Will you attend one of these events next time?