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Life Lately: March 2018

2nd April 2018 7 min read No Comments

Life Lately: March 2018

2nd April 2018 7 min read No Comments

Life Lately: March 2018

It’s been a hot minute since I posted a Life Lately post as I missed February’s (which would have been on my birthday!) and I’m getting back into the swing of things after a few weeks off.

Over the last two months, lots has happened, and also not much. I’ve applied for a few positions, had a few more interviews, and haven’t gotten them. We’ve put a few offers in on houses, gotten pretty far, and not gotten them. See what I mean? It’s been an odd feeling.


I’m continuing on my “no-buy” with makeup and beauty products in March. I plan to do a post on this shortly, but basically, I don’t want to spend money on makeup or beauty products until I have used a significant amount up. Ideally, I wouldn’t buy anything until November when the Christmas collections come out and then evaluate if I want anything. So far, I’ve only purchased one item with cash which was The Ordinary’s 10% Niacinamide 1% Zinc after seeing Jess from Little Henry Lee rave about it. I need to get more consistent in my use of this one to be able to see a clear difference. I also “purchased” with a gift card and $20 of my own cash, the Stila Matte’n Metal eyeshadow palette which I have wanted for awhile, with my birthday voucher my colleagues got me. I still can’t believe this is all I have bought over the last three months!

In terms of clothing, I have picked up a few items lately that I’m loving. I have picked up a few day wear clothes from Cue, like this adorable pair of shorts that I eyed off in January when I was purchasing the white mini skirt, that I got when they were first marked down to $99 I think (the hem has already come down once on each leg, but Cue are amazing and do free same day repairs on anything less than one-year-old) but now they’re only $54! So comfy and loose.

I also picked up a khaki skirt with black pleats on one side during Cue’s 20% off sale around my birthday, inspired by one of the shop girls wearing it with a black top and black flat boots, where I could also use the $25 voucher they gave me, meaning I bought these for less than $150, instead of $215! I am saving this for a bit cooler weather but potentially will also be able to wear it to work so that’s a double whammy!

I picked up some new black flats for work, as mine developed a hole on the toe of one, and Nine West had 30% off the weekend I was shopping so I decided to get two different pairs as to wear them our slower. I’ve had the Snooze style in the nude/brown before so decided to pick it up in the patent black, plus I picked up a pair of boring plain black flats as well to cover all bases.

I finally found a denim skirt (in stock) that I liked, and it was a bargain at $12 from Kmart! So surprised, but it was the right colour, right length and stretchy and at that price it was an easy decision. It doesn’t appear to be online anymore, so I can’t link it, but keep an eye out next Summer for the next edition.

Lastly, on this shopping trip where I literally bought all of the above, I got fitted again for the first time in years, and I picked up some much-needed bras. I am one of those people who likes to spend up on the “outside” and not on the “inside” aka, buying shitty bras and not very often. I had a few from Bras’n’Things a few years ago but had long outgrown them so I went in with the intention to pick up a plain black and plain nude bra. I also ended up picking up a strapless black as the one I was wearing shopping was so damn uncomfortable!! I picked up the Body Bliss contour bras in nude and black, as well as the blackĀ strapless version in the same family. The comfort level is maxed at the moment! I am going to purchase the nude strapless version as well in the near future, as I received a $5 voucher for my next spend and it’s the only one I didn’t update.

Cruelty-Free Life Changes

In these two months, I have finally put most of my decluttered items up for sale (have a few more as I go along), but I have also officially written about the project pan I have been doing since January. I have just hit the first bit of pan in my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque, and the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light Cool, and I am literally almost out of my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

I finished a few skincare products from Origins, Estee Lauder, Philosophy and a few others that you’ll see in my upcoming empties post. It’s going to be a long post, so get prepared! I may have to start doing them more often than once a quarter.

In the non-beauty news, but still cruelty-free, I managed to finish our all-purpose cleaner and buy a cruelty-free one from the supermarket so I am pleased about that!


I didn’t really get back on the bandwagon of Tahana’s program, however, she is starting a new one in April, and I plan to get involved in that. I have been doing ok at work, having tea more, and packing fruit and nuts to eat. My main problem is when we don’t have leftovers from dinner and I need to buy lunch. Lately, this has been happening 2-3 times a week when I normally only buy my lunch once a week max. I need to start making fried rice or something on the weekend for the week. At home, I try not to have many snacks around, but we do eat out/order UberEats a few times a week as well. I want to save some money for this so I want to learn to cook some more by myself (I can cook, but I really don’t enjoy it! I enjoy baking but…. not so healthy is it?).


I finished reading Big Little Lies and I loved it. My mum is going to bring me a few other books up by the same author. It literally took me 3.5 weeks to read this as is!

We haven’t been to the movies in awhile, hasn’t been much we were interested in.

The Bachelor in Paradise Australia started this week and I’ve been waiting months! I think the spin-off is way more entertaining than the main show, and I’ve got half the office engrossed in it.


I decided to do my best to keep up with one post a week, that’s my current goal. I’m going well for the last three weeks and I have about three more posts in the pipeline at the moment. I came home from Shannon’s baby shower the other weekend and spent a few hours taking photos outside, so I have stock photos and some for a few relevant posts.

I am still involved in Secret Bloggers Business’s Blog/Boss Squad and yes, still debating whether to stay or not after a year. I need to watch all the trainings I have saved + figure out a way to potentially save them for later or something should I need them.

A course came up that I am interested in by Slightly Savvy called Summer Camp (American obvi), and this particular blogger talks mostly of her PR background and actually pitching and working with brands. I feel for the beauty blogging industry this is more important than the SBB version of making your own product as an ebook or beauty course is not really what I am about. Unrelated, I am looking forward to Sharon Farrell’s Beauty Video course though and may invest in that! Back to Slightly Savvy’s course, it is around $300AUD and that’s where I am stuck. It’s also likely to swing American, as Australian companies, or even international companies working with Australians, are unlikely to pay nearly as much as a blogger with a much smaller audience in a smaller country. She has another intake in the future so I may plan a bit better for that one.

Have you done any courses/classes related to blogging you learned from/enjoyed?


I’m interested in pretty blouses at the moment, and Witchery has been catching my eye the most. I could wear these casually, or to work, which I really like. I bought a fun blouse from Sheike last year and have gotten heaps of wear out of it so I want to add a few more to my collection.

In terms of beauty, I am interested in trying out Drunk Elephant’s collection after hearing a lot about it lately, and there are still a few mini packs available at Mecca that I may pick up for an idea as the full sizes are extremely expensive at $100+ each.

Otherwise, I keep my “Currently Coveting” wishlist at the top of my blog updated pretty regularly.

New In

  • Cue Spotty Shorts
  • Cue Khaki Skirt
  • Kmart Denim Skirt
  • The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1%
  • Stila Matte’N Metal palette
  • Nine West Snooze Shoes
  • Nine West Speakup Shoes
  • Bras’n’Things bras x3

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