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Life Lately: January 2018

31st January 2018 6 min read 12 Comments

Life Lately: January 2018

31st January 2018 6 min read 12 Comments

Welcome to the January edition of Life Lately. We did it! We got through the first month of the year! Why does it feel like we spend the entire year counting down until next Christmas holidays?

Life Lately: January 2018

I’ve made a few new years resolutions this year in terms of spending, my makeup usage, and my health and wellbeing (I’d love to fit back into clothes I was wearing just two years ago!).


I have been trying a semi no-buy this month with makeup in particular, but across everything really. I’m thinking of doing a post on why and how I’m doing this shortly, so watch out for that!

I did pick up a few pieces for work, both on New Year’s Eve and early on in January. Three new Cue Clothing dresses, which will keep my work wardrobe satisfied for a while! One was the frill sleeved pink dress (currently half the price I paid for it already… only 31 days later) I showed last month, another was the yellow dress in my “currently coveted” above, and the other was second hand on a Facebook group. The only other work item I want coming into cooler months is a trench coat as my Winter coat is really only good for that solid cold bit we get in Queensland of a few weeks – I need something for either side. I’ll be looking in Portmans and Forever New most likely.

My last makeup purchase for a while arrived this month but was purchased before Christmas. I received my Cult Beauty order of Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, three mini Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, and the Filmstar Bronze and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve been loving trying these out, so far I’m really happy with my purchases.

I also picked up a white broderie casual skirt from Cue on a crazy sale (I’d had my eye on this since November!) because I really feel like skirts are lacking in my wardrobe. I am also on the lookout for a denim skirt and I have seriously tried on 25+ at the moment!! I quite liked the Mavi “Alice” skirt in my “Currently Coveted” above, and that’s the front-runner at the moment when it goes on sale.

Lastly, I bought a new vanity portable mirror from Vue at Myer. It’s Rose Gold and very large and sturdy compared to my old Kmart copper mirror. I know I wanted to move towards Gold rather than Rose Gold/Copper, but this is exactly the pinky Rose Gold I actually like! It was also a bargain, as my mum paid $39.99 for hers ages ago – mine was $23.

Cruelty-Free Life Changes:

This month I finished my Dove deodorant which isn’t cruelty-free, and happily switched to using Moo Goo’s fresh cream deodorant as recommended by Dani The Girl.

I’m still working away on my last non cruelty-free foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) and I plan to place a mark on the back at the end of each month until I finish it. Based on my December mark and where I am, I estimate to have around three months left of it.

I’m getting a dip but not near pan in my other base products: Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer and the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque.

I did a declutter on my Instagram Stories a few weekends ago and started listing items to sell that aren’t cruelty-free, and I would like to give to a more loving home. I have a very “use them or lose them” mentality about it at the moment. You can find what’s for sale on my sale Instagram here:

I haven’t gotten any further with anything else.


This month I started participating in my friend Tahana’s 10-week program. I am currently in week 3, but I’m going to start again as I fell off track by Wednesday of the last three weeks and I need a reboot.

My diet did well the first few weeks, and some bad news in the second last week of the month set me back to eating my feelings with junk food. I hope to improve this in February!


This month I started reading my first book in probably over a year. I can’t believe I’m the same person who spent all my school lunchtimes in the library, and who signed up for a Brisbane Library card the first week I moved here seven years ago. My attention span is nil right now – thanks to the immediate nature of our smartphones, and I’ve been reading them in bursts where I can manage. At the moment I’m reading “Big Little Lies”. It’s a bit tough, having watched the show first but I am pottering on.

I saw Pitch Perfect 3 at the cinema and loved it – I think those girls are hilarious despite what my other half reckons!

The Bachelor USA started back up on New Year’s Day, and there have already been online scandals that will come out live at the end. #cantwait


This month I hardly blogged at all, despite wanting to use my extra week off in January to get on top of things on here for the next few months. I spent the week playing the Sims, catching up on YouTube and whatnot. It was really relaxing before going back work! No regrets here.

I started a Google Doc with all my blog ideas because I can update it wherever I am: work/bus/home, literally anywhere with internet! This has really helped to condense my ideas.

I also saw Kate La Vie’s blog post on her blog bullet journal and it actually looks achievable for me. I bought a proper bullet journal last year after loving Like Neon Love’s post – I even bought the pens she liked! After a few tries, I couldn’t get it to work for me because I don’t like my handwriting and I’m also a left-hander (something I’ve never heard a bullet journaller say), so everything I write smudges. I’m going to give Kate’s version a go as it is content light, but I love the aesthetic of Tenneil’s regardless. The idea of not just writing the post ideas I have because I like my Google Docs way, but writing my goals, and stats etc so it’s all in one compact book.


I’ve been trying to do other things instead of wishlisting this month since I plan to be on a no-buy for a while yet! I noticed Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk came up the other day so I added to cart… and then tried to find other things I wanted from Cult Beauty to make up the 40 pounds free shipping. This is part of the reason I want to be on a no-buy. I also have a tonne of lipsticks to use up this year as I haven’t bought any (except for the mini’s that came this month) in over a year. Most will be going out this year as I bought a fair few in 2015. Many of these aren’t cruelty-free so that’s a big part of the reason to use them or lose them for me at the moment.

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