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Life Lately: August

1st September 2017 6 min read 9 Comments

Life Lately: August

1st September 2017 6 min read 9 Comments

August Life Lately

August simply dragged on for me, although the year itself seems to be going fast! I think it’s the fact I have a week long holiday booked for next month and I have been waiting for annual leave since Christmas. I have been trying to dedicate more time to my blog lately, and I feel this has come through in the amount of posts up lately. A number of posts I have done lately have made me feel proud to write such as, What is a Low Buy and why I am on one, Ikea Malm Dressing Table and Makeup Collection, and my first Anti Haul.

I have been trying to up my photography, and learn to experiment more and take more portrait versions of my images as I’ve finally mastered my tripod (after owning it all year!). I’m sort of on track with my social media, and I have to admit that I have all but given up on Instagram. I still love it for fun, but for blogging, it is somewhat dead. I can’t remember the last time a post “reached” over 700 people, even though I have over 4,000 followers! I stopped growing a year ago, and have bounced around 100 followers since May 2016. I probably should come up with a theme of sorts, we will see how I go. Blogging experts always say to automate as much as you can, and that is what I have done with a lot of my Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

This month I have not been as slammed at work, which has been a flipping relief if I am being honest. I have no intention to be a manager long term, and I really value my work-life balance. I enjoy working in Marketing but it is often more than an 8.30-5 industry, and not realising this, it can be hard sometimes when I just want to go home and walk my dog in the daylight!

Life-wise, I have made a huge decision. I have decided to transition to being completely cruelty-free in my beauty realm. I have been thinking about it for months now, and seeing my friends like Sarah, Kate, and my offline friend Shahna go cruelty-free with no complaints prompted me to wonder why I had taken so long to get here. I will be using up products that I currently love, as I have already spent the money on them, and I’ll be using that time to try out samples of new things, and find replacements. I will still be decluttering as per usual when I am not feeling an item, cruelty-free or not. I’m not trying to slam it down anyone’s throats, unfortunately, many of my most used and loved brands are not cruelty-free so I am definitely feeling a bit hurt at trying to find replacements. I’ll be doing a post on my reasons and plan for the future shortly. I’ll still be posting about my products that are not cruelty free, while I have them, but I will be noting in in posts. I’ll also be adding a disclaimer to every post stating this in the near future.

This month I also attending the annual Brisbane Bloggers United event with a bunch of my friends. I received a huge amount of products to try so I am working through these and will hopefully have some reviews up soon. We had a delicious lunch and listened to inspirational #girlbosses Nicola from The Unrefined, and Kate from Be There Beauty app.

Film and Television:

Of course, I have been loving Game of Thrones lately, who hasn’t?! Spoiler alert, I am shipping Dany and Jon together as they’re two of my favourite characters. My other favourites are Tyrion, Jaime, Bron, Sam, and Littlefinger (rip). I don’t dislike anyone, but my god it is a good show. If you haven’t given it a go, I strongly advise it. I didn’t start watching properly until 2015 after three years of nagging by my partner and now I look forward to it every week/year. It doesn’t seem like my type of show (Bachelor is my life), but give it a go.

Speaking of The Bachelor franchise, I have been loving the US version of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay. I loved her runner up, and not her winner (Who didn’t, he was so dreamy!?), but that’s most likely down to the edits they received. I have been watching the Australian Bachelor with Matty J (I wish he’d change his name though, he sounds a bit like a bad porn star), and not been super impressed with the season, to be honest. I think Laura has it in the bag and I can’t wait for the finale next week!

I have also been watching the US Bachelor in Paradise lately. Basically, a bunch of the rejects from the recent seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette go to Mexico and “try to find love” (or a huge Instagram following to shill to, #priorities). I like the humorous aspect of it, and the fact that it’s not just one person trying to date 30 people, it’s “real couples” trying to make it work. They put more guys and girls in each episode, depending on whether the guys or girls have the ability to give out a rose. My favourites on it at the moment at Kristina and Raven! I don’t really love any of the guys this season so far, however.

I powered through watching Riverdale on a couple of days I have been sick this month, and I was glued to the screen 80% of the time, which was great! Basically, it’s kind of like Pretty Little Liars in terms of the story being about high schoolers solving murders, but the ending was really unexpected and it’s got some fantastic characters in it. I watched season one on Netflix, and I highly recommend you catch up before season two starts in October!

UnReal is another show I have been watching but it has been hard to get into. It’s a behind the scenes parody of The Bachelor franchise, but from the producers’ views mainly. It’s been really interesting to see how manipulative they really are with a series I have been watching for 15 years! Season one was fantastic, season two has been very slow so far. Season three is coming out in 2018.

New In:

  • I’ve been trying a few new Foundation samples from cruelty-free brands as my two favourite Foundations are not cruelty-free (Estee Lauder Double Wear, and NARS Sheer Glow). I’ll keep you updated on my ‘winners’.
  • My new MacBook Pro which has made blogging life so much easier, I can’t even begin to tell you.
  • I bought some backgrounds from SvpplyCo and they are beautiful! Expensive, but sturdy and easier to store and keep clean, which means I will have to spend less money long term. Previously, I bought a stock image of white wooden floor, had it printed in Officeworks on A1 paper, wrecked it with bluetak the first day. Tried not to cry, but cried a lot. But seriously, that was $50 a pop anyway, and easily able to be wrecked!

PR Mail: I have been very picky lately of what I’ve accepted, and please note, I’m still getting through prior commitments of non-cruelty free brands.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation from BeautyCrew
  • Bobbi Brown: Beauty From The Inside Out book
  • Goodness Be Bright Chia Serum
  • A huge amount of products from the recent Bloggers United event, see below for a hint.
bloggers united brisbane haul
Image by Brittany Williams.

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