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Empties #3

15th August 2016 7 min read No Comments

Empties #3

15th August 2016 7 min read No Comments

Empties // Maddie's Beauty Spot

I have loads of empties, this time, it doesn’t seem like much when they’re shoved in my Mecca bag but they add up when tipped out! I’ve been actively trying to use up LUSH products as I purchased heaps during the Boxing Day 50% off sale and I had been saving them (read: hoarding).


Garnier Micellar Water
It took me over a year to use this up, roughly from March 2015 to June 2016, using most nights about 3 cotton pads full so I got well over the recommended 200 uses from it! There’s not much else I can really say about this one other than it does the job well, and has an adequate scent (important when slathering products on your face!). It wasn’t soothing in any way but it also didn’t cause stinging of any kind. I don’t have sensitive skin, I have combination so take my advice as you will. For $13.99, micellar water is good ‘bang for buck’ as they say. I also have a mini size of this that I received in a Marie Claire the Parcel this year.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum
I received half a dozen samples of this serum when purchasing my Estee Double Wear Light at a counter on Boxing Day this year, and I finally decided to start going through my samples jar and using them up. These have a runny texture, almost milky, and slather onto the skin extremely well. I really enjoyed the cooling sensation these gave to my skin, as well as plumping it up to some extent. I don’t believe a product could plump up your skin permanently, and given that a full size of this retails for $140 for 30ml, I would definitely be investing in samples first.

That said, most serums from counters or Mecca will retail for over $100 so it really is just about what will work best for you. This worked well once my makeup was off for the day, as it takes around 10 minutes to fully sink into your face and ain’t nobody got time for that in the morning before makeup! Typically I would repurchase, but since trying the Sukin Micellar Water there is another serious contender in the works! I also have the Nivea and Bioderma Micellar Waters to try so I won’t be running out for some time.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich
This eye cream is somewhat of a cult favourite in the beauty world, and with a lovely creamy texture, it’s easy to see why. All About Eyes was included in a gift set I purchased at the Estee Lauder Corporate store in October last year and it’s taken me absolutely ages to get through this smaller than a normal sized jar. I didn’t like the fact it was in a jar format as I had to scoop a small amount each day and it got under my nails. I much prefer items in a tube.

I didn’t particularly find this product any different than any other eye cream, and I wouldn’t repurchase on that basis as it’s quite expensive.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
This was another sample I received at some point from who knows where. This had a thick runny texture and was white based. It soaked into the skin well, but I couldn’t stand the smell. It would be great for normal skin types, as my nose area was still a bit dry after it had soaked in.

I wouldn’t purchase this, but I was happy to have my sample stash depleted slightly.

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
Purchased in New York’s Times Square Sephora in January 2015, this face wash was a little bit of my trip I got to use every day for the last 18 months as a reminder of the great time I had. I loved this facial wash and the small exfoliating particles it contained. Perfect for everyday use, the only times this was not useful to me was last Winter when my skin was uncontrollably dry and peeling when I switched to the Body Shop’s Tea Tree exfoliating range. Not knowing much about skin care but starting to get into makeup, I wandered into Sephora after noticing in horror how scaly my skin looked in Forever 21 Times Square!

I’ll be repurchasing this as soon as I can justify as I have a lot of face washes to get through, but none as unique as this. For combination skin this is fantastic!

Derma 4-in-1 Facial Wipes
These are my favourite facial wipes as they’re only around $2.50 from Coles and remove heaps of makeup if I’m away from home. Beauty Blogger sin: I used to solely use these to remove my makeup each day before I became super interested in makeup, and way back when I used to live on campus and the bathroom for cleansing was just so far away! Nowadays I don’t go through them nearly as quickly (moved onto Micellar Water and cotton pads now), but I still like having them around for trips or in case I run out of cotton pads. I’ll definitely repurchase. I’ve only seen these in Coles so I can only assume they’re Coles brand.

Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Facial Mask
This mask was included in the Autumn Marie Claire Parcel which you can read about here. As a sheet mask, I typically have trouble wearing them as they’re made to fit an oval face shape and I have a round face shape, masks usually have excess nose and forehead sections. Laying down I can make them work, however! This mask was moisturising, but I wouldn’t see the need to repurchase as I’m not a big fan of sheet masks. I have purchased a few Sephora masks in my time but since they don’t fit correctly on my face… not much point!


LUSH Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
This bath bomb was the first I had ever purchased, as we’ve never had a bath before this rental! I purchased this in November so it was starting to get crumbly. I expected more ‘oomph’ from this bath bomb when placed in the water. It was a bit blah. The flowers in the top half also turn into these silky flower petals which float around the bath which are a little bit strange and I can’t say I overly enjoyed them. I wouldn’t repurchase this but I’m glad I tried it.

LUSH Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar
This bubble bar doesn’t hugely stand out to me, but it certainly produced enough bubbles for one bath (it was small sized). I don’t think it had a scent so it was also a bit of a ‘meh’ purchase. I really wanted to try bubble bars when I was in store on Boxing Day! I’d like to try the Comforter bubble bar next so I wouldn’t repurchase.

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
I loved this bath bomb! I had no idea that the inside was all different layers of coloured glitter and when I placed it under the tap I was pleasantly surprised as all the colours my bath turned. This is what I had been expecting from a LUSH bath bomb! Super soothing and moisturising to the skin, I’d definitely repurchase this one once it returns for Christmas!

LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb
Initially, I broke this bath bomb up a few times to get more use out of this, and now I’ve realised, if you don’t use it quick enough it will get overly crumbly and unusable. From now on I’ll just use whole bath bombs and half bubble bars. This turned my bath a beautiful blue colour, but I could probably do without the seaweed next time! Although very moisturising, the seaweed creeped me out a little bit. I wouldn’t repurchase this one.


Benefit Roller Lash Mini Mascara
I’ve had this mini mascara for so long I actually don’t remember where or when I received it, but it’s no longer got any product in it so into the empties it goes! As much as this is a cult favourite of everyone, it didn’t really do anything for me as my lashes are dead straight. I found this, like Benefit They’re Real, to be difficult to remove and clumpy. I’m very glad I tried it, though, as it’s loved by many. It’s not a bad mascara, just didn’t work in curling my lashes (haven’t met that miracle yet!).

Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black
They’re Real used to be my absolute holy grail of mascaras and I actually repurchased it once! It separates my lashes well, and has great longevity, but maybe too great longevity…. almost impossible to get off. Nowadays I’ve moved on to a few other favourites, but this mascara will also be known as my oldest favourite! I have a mini size from a magazine freebie last year (!), so no need to repurchase just yet. I may keep the wand from this one, though – always nicer than the mini wands.

That’s it for this time, almost like a reverse haul really. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing ‘Empties’ posts, almost as much as reading them. It’s quite therapeutic!

Do you see any favourites in here? What have you finished lately?


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