Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster – Quick Review!

Go-To Skincare - Quick Review // Maddie's Beauty Spot

When I first heard that Zoe Foster-Blake was producing her own skincare line, I was pretty excited! I’ve read and own a lot of her novels, her husband Hamish is somewhat of a hero in our house and she’s been a favourite beauty read for me for quite some time! As a teenager I had terrible acne, many scars of which still reside on my face (along with some chicken pox scars from age 11…), taking the contraceptive pill from 19 cleared up 90% of my troubles! I’d tried everything else, dermatologist visits (EXPENSIVE!), proactive skincare (Drying and flaky after 6 weeks), if only something like Go-To had been around in the mid 2000’s!

I decided to slowly jump into the Go-To pool, just purchasing the Lips, Properly Clean, and Exfoliating Swipeys you can see above… After 2 weeks of consistent use (I predominantly use skincare at night), I am rightly impressed!

The Lips product at $14.95, comes out very easily so I never really need to squeeze the tube, which I sometimes forget and end up with a weeks worth on my gob! It’s got a pearlescent sheen to it, and a peachy pomegranate scent which leads it to look like a gloss but feel as stunning as the best balm ever! I get cracked lips constantly, and my lips peel all day , which put me off wearing lipstick like a proper adult. “Lips” to the rescue! My lips have felt increasingly better each day I remember to keep applying every few hours, so a huge thumbs up from me!

The Properly Clean (PC for short) at $29.95 has a pomegranate scent as well, and foams up easily. I leaves my skin feeling quite silky and I’m pretty happy with it! I use this every night pretty much, and I don’t find it misses any make up as when I use the Swipeys there’s no residue! Impressive for a face wash.

The Exfoliating Swipeys almost didn’t make it to my shopping cart at $44.95, however with 50 wipes and only using the recommended twice a week, that’s only $1.80 a week and the tub will last you 25 weeks! This has been the most impressive to me I think, with tiny little pads, one side has a more matte damp look, and the other has tiny beads on it which allow you to gently buff away any dead skin or visible pores. My skin has literally never felt so smooth and usually needs to be exfoliated every second day, but is coping pretty well with only twice a week!

In a few months when my current moisturiser runs out (Olay sensitive skin daily), I’ll definitely be purchasing the Face Cream, and I’m interested to try out the Exception Oil to nourish my skin, even though I have naturally oily/combination skin.

10/10 for this clear skinned gal!