Five Personal Goals For The Remainder of 2018

Five Personal Goals For The Remainder of 2018

We all have personal goals for each year, but did you know, you are 44% more likely to act on these goals if you write them down?

I recently attended a kikki K workshop on Goals, after attending a few others like Organisation, Planners, and Habits. I found Goals to be really informative, and really good for cutting down on the specifics.

I have been filling out the little journal they gave us during the workshop and using this to set realistic goals for myself for each month.

  1. One of my first goals is to consistently post once a week on here. Consistency is really, truly, my biggest downfall and I always get myself into a momentum and then life gets in the way for a week and I find the horse is too high to get back on per say. I plan to do this by writing in my downtime, and I’ve created a spreadsheet to keep me on track for where I am up to in a blog post, for example, I need to take photos for a few posts right now, but others I just need to do a final edit, or add links to.
  2. I plan to keep up walking my dog and look into a workout plan that I can do a few times a week. If this means I can treat myself to some new Nike shoes, and a better Sports Bra then great! I need to watch my food a little more, as I am definitely a bored eater, and a bit of an emotional one as well. Working at my current workplace has seen me put on about 8kg in the last two years, so that needs to change.
  3. I would like to look into more professional development. I work in the marketing industry, which overlaps with blogging and content creation, and all that goes along with that. I would like to learn more about the digital side of things such as Adwords, Remarketing, and a few other things, and that’s not really where my position will be going where I am. I find this stuff interesting on a personal and professional level so I don’t mind shelling out a little bit to get myself better equipped.
  4. A further declutter of my office/beauty room. I certainly have less “stuff” than I used to, but still so much unnecessary clutter. My main thoughts are that I want to get rid of a lot of items from the baskets at the top of my cupboard as if I can’t reach it easily, I am not going to need it very often, obviously.
  5. Work a bit more on my personal and work style. I have been reading a few books lately, like The Curated Closet, and How To Get Dressed, and these coupled with Konmari means that I can successfully cut down my wardrobe to just what I love, and what fits me well. I have been working on this the most lately with my outside work clothing.

What are your goals for the year?