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Decluttering My Makeup

25th August 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

Decluttering My Makeup

25th August 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

Decluttering My Makeup // Maddie's Beauty Spot

I can’t be the only one who finds watching decluttering videos and reading decluttering posts absolutely therapeutic? After hearing of Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” earlier this year, I’ve become quite obsessed at decluttering our life and house. I have been known to sit at my desk for 10 minutes a week and go through everything I have laying about. There’s definitely always been an element of decluttering to my personality, as I’ve been cleaning out my wardrobe and selling items on eBay for around five years now for a bit of extra cash during uni!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know this year I have been pretty into the subreddit “Makeup Rehab”, and the idea of more mindful purchasing rather than giving in to the hype train. For the most part, I have been succeeding, mainly due to the fact I’ve been on a strict budget this year as Cody and I are saving to purchase our first home!

On my budget, I am allowed to spend 5% of my income on “toys” (makeup, clothes, shoes, etc) which at first honestly made me cry, but as time has gone on I’ve adapted really well. I’ve actually saved enough for a DSLR camera which I’ve been dying to buy the entire time I’ve been blogging, now I’m just waiting for a good deal to purchase.

Being mindful of my limited budget, this has also led to my current collection and if there are any products being unloved, or even straight up disliked.

I piled up a tonne of stuff I didn’t want and didn’t want to sell (I don’t have any photos, unfortunately) and gave it away to friends and family around March-May. Mostly gift with purchase items from Mum and a few lip colours I’d received in packs that weren’t my style.

When the Instabeautyau Facebook group selling event came along I jumped at the chance to get rid of a few products I had laying around. I wasn’t overly successful, but I did sell my Stila Spirit palette which I rarely touched (Purchased for the red shade and “Kitten” which I’ve found dupes for).

Recently I decided to join a Facebook group specifically for selling and I’ve had moderate success so far. Above are some of the products I’m trying to sell/have sold in this group. I’ve also recently added my Hourglass Bronzer and Urban Decay Concealer as it’s too dark for me. I’ve made a few hundred selling my unloved makeup online which is great to boost my “toys” account and for my guilt in not using expensive products.

I also often feel overwhelmed with the amount of PR stuff I accumulate when I attend events. Typically when I receive PR requests, I turn down probably at least 50% of products I am offered as I just know I either won’t have the time to use and review them/they are not for my target audience. That’s not to say I’m not extremely grateful for these offers, just not looking to waste anyone’s time and accumulate more stuff. When you attend blogging events, you often end up with a lot of products which just don’t fit into your needs and blog, as there are such varied niches at each event. The way I get around this is by culling products to either give away or throw away if I absolutely don’t know anyone who could use the item.

This also includes culling packaging and info sheets (I take photos of these if need be). I then separate the products remaining into Body, Hair, Makeup, Face, Other and keep those divided as necessary to ensure objects aren’t getting lost in my collection.

I have to say, although it is an ongoing process, I already feel so much lighter in my beauty room and it’s easier to get ready for the day when I have fewer products.

Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup is a YouTuber who is really mindful about her purchases. I really feel like she genuinely loves and uses every product she owns considering she literally talks about Beauty for her job! She has a great recent video on decluttering below (it’s a long one, get snacks!)

Thanks for listening to my ramble… let me know if this is something you’ve enjoyed and link me to your favourite decluttering posts and videos!



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