Makeup Declutter Series: Lips

Welcome to the final instalment of my Makeup Declutter, my lip colour collection! I wouldn’t say I had a huge collection, to begin with, but I certainly had more than enough for me (I still feel a bit like that with my current collection, to be honest). I went through a stage in 2015 of wanting to collect a tonne of MAC lipsticks, all the of the popular shades and I really didn’t need them. I’ve even already sold a few lipsticks!

Makeup Declutter Series: Lips | Maddie's Beauty Spot

If you missed the first three instalments, you can find them here:

Makeup Declutter Series: Lips | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Lips: After

Lipstick, Lipbalm & Lip Liners


  • Lipliners: MAC ‘Whirl’, MAC ‘Brick’, NYX ‘Plush Red’, Essense ‘In The Nude’, NYX ‘Burgundy’, NYX ‘Bloom’, Rimmel ‘Eastend Snob’ – these cover all my bases.
  • MAC Lipsticks: Midimauve (lustre), Mehr (matte), Brave (satin), Velvet Teddy (matte), Viva Glam III (matte), Rebel (satin), Flat Out Fabulous (retro matte), Captive (satin), Plumful (lustre), D is for Danger (matte), All Fired Up (Retro Matte), Ruby Woo (Retro Matte), Lady Danger (matte) – I used to own 30+ MAC lipsticks and I just didn’t need them.
  • Too Faced Melted Lipsticks: ‘Chocolate Honey’, ‘Chihuahua’, ‘Melted Berry’, ‘Lady Balls’, ‘Melted Fig’ – I love all of these colours and formulas.
  • Misc: Jeffree Star ‘Redrum’, Stila ‘Fiery’, Stila ‘Aria’, Maybelline ‘Touch of Spice’, NARS ‘Rosecliff’, L’Oreal Colour Rouche ‘640’, Kat Von D ‘Lovesick’, Kat Von D ‘Mother’ – All great colours, and the formulas are great.
  • Maybelline Colour Drama in ‘Fab Orange’, ‘Red Essential’, ‘Light It Up’, ‘Pink So Chic’, ‘Berry Much’ – such a fantastic lip product from the drugstore.


  • Mac ‘Faux’ (satin)
  • Too Faced Melted ‘Nude’ and ‘Peony’
  • Essence lip liners in ‘Satin Mauve’, and ‘Wish Me A Rose’
  • Maybelline Lipstudio Color Blur in ‘Fast & Fuchsia’
  • Rimmel Provocolips in ‘Not Guilty’
  • Estee Lauder mini lipsticks (not sure of the shades)
  • Go-to Lip Balm (super expired)
  • Blistex (expired)

All in all, I did not get rid of a lot of lip products, however, lip products are those that I declutter the most from my collection. The Stila set of minis originally had six, but I’ve only kept two (Patina was an exact dupe for Kat Von D’s ‘Lovesick’ but I prefer Kat Von D’s formula). I originally owned every shade of the Maybelline Colour Drama collection, as can be seen here and here, but I destashed colours that didn’t suit me or that I had dupes of.  Provocolips was a bit too drying on my lips but my sister will enjoy that more as she has more time for liquid lipstick maintenance. I don’t use lip liners very often so I only really needed the basic colours. I originally had all four of the Estee Lauder lipsticks but I really owned better dupes for all of them, so I gave them to my family. The Too Faced lipsticks I sold to someone who would get more out of those colours than me. Mac ‘Faux’ I sold as it really is extremely similar to Mac ‘Brave’ and I didn’t need both, so I sold it. Maybelline Lipstudio in ‘Fast & Fuchsia’ was just not my colour, to be honest, I passed this along.

If you missed the first three instalments, you can find them here:

What have you decluttered recently from your lip collection?
What could you never declutter from it?