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The Beauty Bin: January to March 2017

16th April 2017 7 min read 10 Comments

The Beauty Bin: January to March 2017

16th April 2017 7 min read 10 Comments

The Beauty Bin: January to March 2017 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I’ve decided to take a new approach to my former monthly “empties” posts, as I just love reading them, but it’s gotten to be less enjoyable collecting and writing about them every 3 – 4 weeks, so I have decided to move them to quarterly. This means that there will be more empty products to review, and will push me to finish more by each deadline, and of course a new name! The Beauty Bin. This basket is from HM Home, by the way. It was a steal on clearance at $5!

Body Care:

The Beauty Bin: January to March 2017 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Vaseline Care Deep Restore

I received this sample in a magazine about 18 months ago, so before repurchasing my favourite body moisturiser I was determined to use up a few samples. I didn’t expect much from a Vaseline moisturiser as I associate it with the cream you put around your cuticles on your nails when painting to avoid making a mess! Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it as a body moisturiser. I ended up purchasing the green spray on version on this as my next moisturiser, but clearly, that was the wrong type as I didn’t like it at all!
Repurchase: I did in the Green shade and didn’t like it.

MOR Marshmellow Body and Hand Lotion

This is my favourite of all body moisturisers, and I have to have this scent in my possession at all times. I first started using the big bottle of this about five years ago, and it’s fantastic for Summer and Winter! I bought this mini version in the 2015 Boxing Day Sales for my desk at work for hand cream, and after over a year – it is finally done! We have a bit of an obsession with hand creams in my office, and being an office of mostly girls, we are always comparing different ones with each other! Right now I am using an MOR hand cream in Rosa Noir and I’m loving that. MOR is sold at Myer and they have 30% off sales fairly frequently.
Repurchase: Already have in the full size.

L’Occitane Ultra Riche Body Cream

I received this sample in a magazine as well, and I also used this up over about a week whilst trying to use as many samples as possible. This was so lovely and thick, I really should have saved this for Winter. It had a lovely scent and kept my legs super hydrated.
Repurchase: No, it was lovely but I am addicted to my MOR body lotions.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion

I received one of these in my Priceline goody bag from the James Street opening, and another in a Marie Claire The Parcel box. I gave one to my mum because I didn’t love it myself, but I still used up one. This seemed to not last very long and wasn’t very moisturising. I also didn’t like the scent. I remember enjoying Palmer’s products about 10 years ago, but my tastes have changed a lot since then.
Repurchase: No.


The Beauty Bin: January to March 2017 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum

I love this serum and have finally used all of my sachets that I received on Boxing Day 2015. I actually have a mini size of the bottle itself, that I received in a Marie Claire The Parcel box which I can now break it out. This serum really feels like it fills in my skin, particularly under my eyes. I really like the plump feeling I have from this serum and hopefully, I can purchase it when I eventually run out, as it’s quite expensive!
Repurchase: I don’t need to yet, but I hope to when I run out of my sample size.

Mecca Cosmetica Hands On Transforming Hand Cream*

I received this hand cream as my birthday gift in 2015 from Mecca. I once had literally about eight hand creams, so I decided to use this one up as a body moisturiser instead. So, technically it’s cheating to put it in this category, but what the heck. It worked really well as a body moisturiser and it felt great to be using up a product.
Repurchase: No, I hardly every purchase hand creams anymore, because you always receive them for Christmas, Birthday’s and in subscription boxes.

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Moisturiser

Philosophy produces my favourite moisturiser, and one of these jars features in most of my empty posts. It’s fantastic under makeup because it dries quickly but is not drying on the skin. I am quite a Philosophy junkie, to be honest. I buy the value packs of this moisturiser every Christmas which usually lasts me until the following Christmas. If you fall in love with this, I highly recommend you do the same because you end up getting at least one for free!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

I received a mini pack of these in the Priceline James Street goody bag and another in the Marie Claire The Parcel subscription box. I love these mini pads, and they’re such an affordable alternative to the Dennis Gross pads, which I love a bit more but they are four times the price for only five pads, which is a bit nuts! These pads are fully soaked and do a great job at exfoliating my skin.
Repurchase: I will definitely repurchase these.

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye Cream

I always receive mini Philosophy eye creams in their Christmas sets where I stock up on my moisturisers, but they are not my favourite. I am yet to find my perfect eye cream, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them below! This product was creamy but was too similar to the moisturiser, to be helpful on the eye area.
Repurchase: No, but I will likely receive more of this next Christmas.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream sachet*

I received this in a goody bag for an event we had at work last year, that we had an extra of. It was very thick and close to being what I actually want but still didn’t stop my under eyes from being dry.
Repurchase: No, 8/10 what I am looking for.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum sachet*

I didn’t find this to be anything special, and it was very runny when pushed out of the packet. This made it so difficult and messy to use and I didn’t enjoy it.
Repurchase: Nope.


The Beauty Bin: January to March 2017 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Hourglass Mood Light Correcting Primer

I received this mini primer in a Mecca Beauty Loop and it was quite good. It is a mousse purple texture and it held my makeup on quite well. I didn’t think the sample lasted very long, only about three or four uses, but I suppose for a sample it is quite good. The “Mood” range in Hourglass is my absolute favourite, with the blush and powder being some of my favourites, so I had high hopes for this range.
Repurchase: No, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but the other Hourglass primers are fantastic for me.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer

I bought this primer as only my second ever primer, and I was so excited to buy it as it may have been one of my first purchases from Mecca! This primer is not quite what I was looking for in terms of hiding pores and it has a very silicone feel to it. I wanted to do a review between this and Benefit’s Porefessional, but I completely forgot and threw this out already! While I do prefer the Benefit version myself, as it does what it says on the box. I don’t find the Too Faced primer to be very talked about, as it’s a bit of a ‘meh’ product.
Repurchase: No, I have a few others I am trying to use up as well.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume Mascara

Marie Claire had these as freebies in their 20th birthday issue in 2015, and I wish I had purchased multiple issues as it was $9.95, whereas the full price of the mascara is $55(!). This is one of my favourite mascaras, and for this reason, I held onto it for quite a bit longer than I probably should have (over a year :O).
Repurchase: I am slowly getting through all of the mascaras I have amassed over the last two years, and will most likely repurchase after this.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in Vanilla

Nars is one of my favourite brands, and this concealer is no exception! It has a creamy formula which stays on all day and sets quickly. I have used up a couple of these before, and to get the most out of them, when it looks like they’re done – take the stopper out (YouTube is your friend here) and you’ll get a few more months out of them! You can thank me later…
Repurchase: I already have, of course! Round four here we come.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara mini

I picked this up during my trip to Singapore last year, in a mini set with a few different Tarte items such as a blush and a Marajuca Oil. I loved this mascara and was so sad when it dried up! It wasn’t super wet like other mascaras and held a curl somewhat.
Repurchase: Yes, when I have finished up a few more mascaras.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara mini

I received this mascara in the goody bag at the Sephora goody bag and when I finally recently opened it, it had almost dried up – even though I had not even used it! Therefore, I don’t have much to say about it at all.
Repurchase: Nope, I imagine that this mascara would be super expensive so for it to dry up before opening it is disappointing.

Total beauty bin products for the first quarter of 2017: 17!

What have you used up this quarter?


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