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The Beauty Bin – August to December 2017

28th January 2018 11 min read 4 Comments

The Beauty Bin – August to December 2017

28th January 2018 11 min read 4 Comments

Welcome to the Aug – Dec edition of ‘The Beauty Bin’ where I feature empty products I’ve used up, what I thought of them, and whether I’d repurchase. Since deciding to change over to cruelty-free, I have been trying to use up non cruelty-free products more than ever. I have a few products which are not empty but are just super old and shouldn’t be sold or given away.

The Beauty Bin - August to December 2017

Skincare/Body Care:

This scent and brand have been my favourite for as long as I can remember moisturising! The scent is sweet but musky at the same time. I can’t even tell you how many of these I have gone through. A bottle of this lasts me roughly nine months, just doing my legs.

Repurchase: No, unfortunately, this will be my last marshmallow because MOR is not cruelty-free!

Love this rose water! I really like using rose water to tone down the powdery look that I get easily because I have combination skin. Mario’s version is the best value I have found and I recommend it constantly. My only complaint is that when you get to the last few ml, the pump squirts very large droplets so I stop using them, instead of using every drop.

Repurchase: Yes, already 1/3 through my next bottle!

Quite liked this for under makeup of a morning. It was moisturising but also set quickly so I could apply makeup within 10 minutes. I received this deluxe sample when purchasing my last Double Wear bottle of foundation in the GWP, you can find the post here.

Repurchase: No, EL isn’t cruelty-free.

I received this as a PR sample in 2016, and it took me ages to get around to using it as I had a few on the go at once. I didn’t love the scent of this rose water, it was quite intense. The packaging of the deluxe sample was not the best, as is was such a small bottle (5ml or less) the pump had trouble dispensing the product. This sample was part of a gift set package available to buy HERE.

Repurchase: Not in a hurry. I have liked other products from this brand more.

I switched to roll on deodorants last year because I can’t stand the smell of sprays. This was calming and easy to pack everywhere.

Repurchase: No, Dove is not cruelty-free. I am at the end of the next deodorant and then will be purchasing cruelty-free. Do you have a favourite?

I really like the EL Advanced Night Repair range, I think it gels really nicely with my skin, and this eye cream was really soothing on my skin! I prefer the pot packaging as I can actually use every bit of product, rather than a tube where I probably have to hurt my fingers pushing the last of it out or have to cut it up.

Repurchase: Not, EL isn’t cruelty-free. I recommend if you’re looking for an eye cream though, and you’re not fussed about cruelty-free!

The tried and trusted micellar water had a makeover in terms of being in oil! I much prefer this version over the original. I wondered if the oil would run out before the water as it seemed such a small amount – science prevailed and the oil stayed (went down with the water)! It took me most of the year to use up, I don’t know what it is about Garnier micellar waters but they always take 4x as long as other micellar waters to finish.

Repurchase: No, Garnier is not cruelty-free.

Received this at the Bloggers United event in September. I was a bit dubious about this cream, even though I had heard positive things about the brand. I ran out of moisturiser so I gave it a go for my new body moisturiser. I really really liked the thickness of the cream, and found it the perfect Winter and Spring moisturiser! The smell didn’t grow on me at all, but overall I really liked this.

Repurchase: Yes, if I see it in-store I’ll be picking it up for Winter!

I have never found this eye cream to be much of anything, to be honest. This is my third mini tube I think, and it has never impressed me. It’s really just a lighter version of the face moisturiser. Very light and a tad greasy.

Repurchase: No, and I’ll never have to use one of these again because they are not cruelty-free!

I really enjoyed this. The smell was rose scented to match with the pink bottled face mask. This was really moisturising, but it did take awhile to sink in. I used it as my morning serum before moisturiser and found it added time to my routine.

Repurchase: No, Origins are not cruelty-free. Very nice serum if you’re not fussed though.

Repurchase for the millionth time. Are there even any other options? Jokes aside, I find these affordable and the only backups I’ll keep willingly when they’re on sale!

I had used up a few sachets of this previously so when I received a deluxe sample in The Parcel subscription box in 2016, I clung on because it is so expensive. Then I went cruelty-free and needed to use it up, and not hoard. Unfortunately, it is still as great as ever. This serum really worked into my skin and gave it a smoother appearance, exactly what you want before applying makeup.

Repurchase: No, EL isn’t cruelty-free. Worth saving up for if you’re not fussed about cruelty-free however.

I really liked the opportunity to try out five different bath bombs for a cheaper price of $37 I paid. I got the bath bombs: Avobath, Twilight, Intergalactic, Dragon’s Egg, and Fizzbanger. I have a long time love of Intergalactic and I have bought it on its own about 4 other times, and I’ll continue to repurchase. I also really liked Twilight because it was super calming before bed. Avobath was really nice and moisturising and a lovely shade of green. I wasn’t really loving Dragon’s Egg and Fizzbanger. Fizzbanger didn’t really do anything (particularly fizzing…) and Dragon’s Egg was just a bit unimpressive even though it was moisturising.

Repurchase: Yes, I love buying LUSH’s giftsets as I actually get through them, and I love trying new products with similar use products e.g. from the same range.

The Beauty Bin - August to December 2017


I absolutely hate this mascara, and can’t believe it used to be my holy grail at all! I now find it to be dry, clumpy and gave my eyelashes an itchy feel as soon as I opened it new a few months ago. I used this particular one once and threw it out. I have gone through a few full sizes and the rest were the same, I just liked the effect it gave my lashes.

Repurchase: No, Benefit is not cruelty-free.

I really liked this concealer and it was the first I ever purchased – this was not the first tube, however! NW20 seems like quite a dark concealer for me, although I did purchase it when I was a bit more tan (in my previous life before becoming an office worker). It still worked really well for non-creasy high coverage undereye concealing. It did especially well in concealer the darkness because it was peachy/pink toned. Unlike every other tube of this, I haven’t actually finished it – but it would be three years old this month and it was looking a bit worse for wear!

Repurchase: No, MAC is not cruelty-free. If you’re looking for a great all-rounder concealer, I have loved this for eight + years.

I’ve tried to be a fan of Clinique mascaras but they just don’t work for me. They make my lashes feel tacky and like they’ve stuck apart.

Repurchase: Not even if they were cruelty-free.

This mascara is one of the best I’ve used and I’ve used a few! It has a great wand that feels strong, and not super plasticky. The formula doesn’t smudge on me and while long-lasting, isn’t hard to get off. This gives my lashes separation and makes them stand out.

Repurchase: Already have, unsurprisingly!

Loved this stuff. It’s not as much of a “product” as other eyeshadow primers such as Urban Decay and Too Faced’s as it has a doe foot applicator, is more liquid-like and only the product you need comes out, it’s easily controlled. I didn’t notice more of a difference between this and other brands but it was still great.

Repurchase: Unfortunately, NARS are no longer cruelty-free.

I remember liking this when I first used it, but that quickly left. This mascara flaked, smudged and was super difficult to get off.

Repurchase: Not even if it was cruelty-free!

This was my first Beauty Blender and is nearly three years old, though it was cleaned every day it was used. I prefer the pink version nowadays as it’s denser. This has opened a bit in terms of the denseness if that makes sense, and I felt like foundation and concealer were sinking in rather than dispensing properly. I have a few backups so this has to go!

Repurchase: I would say I have about four backups as I buy whenever I see a value pack on sale. Best sponge ever, not comparable to any I have tried.

Enjoyed this quite a bit, although I was matched to shade 3 and I think it was a little warm-toned. The product was really easy to use and dispenses really precisely. There is a reason for the hype on this one! I never really use the spooly end unless I am separating my eyelashes after mascara has dried.

Repurchase: No, Benefit is not cruelty-free and I have replaced this with the Hourglass Brow Arch.

I didn’t like this to start with but really enjoyed it in 2017. It is as the name suggests, a lighter version of Double Wear. I have come to realise I don’t love light foundations, preferring a medium to full coverage so I used this quite a lot to build that up. I loved the packaging of the tube, except when I thought I was done, I cut open the tube to find 1/4 of product still in there that I almost threw out! I used it a few more times and then tossed it as it was approaching the two-year mark.

Repurchase: No, EL is not cruelty-free. If you’re looking for a light to medium coverage version of double wear, I recommend.

Love this mascara. I have gone through about three mini tubes over the last two years. This mascara separates really well, isn’t too wet or dry when first opened, and has a really dense brush. I’ve never tried the full size, so I’m not sure how good that brush is.

Repurchase: Already have a backup to open when I finish another mascara (only like to have a max of two open at a time).

I have been using Gimmie Brow for at least five years now as I remember saving up my university dollars from working at the supermarket to buy it. This stuff is pretty damn good but doesn’t last very long for the price. I have never had one last more than two months of almost daily use (5-6 days a week). I used to stock up on these whenever Benefit had their 20% off sales because I went through them so much, even when I wasn’t much into makeup.

Repurchase: No, Benefit is not cruelty-free. I do have one more of this in a mini size to use up but then I will be done. I am keen to try the Essence version of this as it is cruelty-free however as it is cheap as chips and supposedly a dupe.

The lovely Bella from Digyhu sent this to me months ago as she bought it to highlight, but hadn’t been using it lately. It’s hilarious that Bella’s highlight shade is my natural shade. I didn’t love this at first until I learnt how to use it. It works best with a hydrating primer like Too Faced Hangover, or Stila One Step in my experience.

Repurchase: No, BB isn’t cruelty-free unfortunately.


Quite liked this stuff, I don’t think it was as good as the Toni and Guy version. It made my hair slightly wavy, but not annoyingly crunchy.

Repurchase: No, not cruelty-free. I am on the lookout for a cruelty-free version.

I really like this, the scent and lasting power were the best of a drugstore dry shampoo I’d ever seen! It didn’t leave white crap in your hair like Batiste and didn’t stain your clothes like Batiste.

Repurchase: YES. I previously noted that I thought they weren’t cruelty-free, however, on more recent investigation on Logical Harmony I am satisfied that they are cruelty-free.

Didn’t really enjoy this. It didn’t smell the best, and didn’t work on my hair/scalp – it sat on top and gave me dandruff terribly.

Repurchase: No, Toni and Guy aren’t cruelty-free, but it wasn’t good anyway.

Nail Polish:

I didn’t finish any nail polish but decided to do a clean out of really old shades, especially ones that weren’t cruelty-free anyway.

Thanks for reading this instalment ‘The Beauty Bin’! Spy any of your favourites? What did you finish in 2017?



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