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Anti Haul #1

22nd August 2017 7 min read 28 Comments

Anti Haul #1

22nd August 2017 7 min read 28 Comments

Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I have been watching Kimberly Clark’s Anti Hauls for a little while and seeing everyone give them a go, so I thought I would give it a shot! Please remember that these are only my opinions, but there are some facts on size and grams in the below as well, for background.


The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is one on my list that might get a bit of controversy but I am going to include it because I am simply not going to buy it! This palette contains two shimmer shades, seven matte shades, and three metallic shades. The original Naked “series” I guess you could call it, was created back in mid-2010 with the Naked One full of neutral eyeshadows. The entire premise of the range is to provide neutral eyeshadows. This was then followed by Naked Two (cooler toned and more shimmery), and Naked Three (rose toned, also predominantly shimmery).

In 2015, Urban Decay released a new palette to the range, the Naked Smoky, which was the first palette in the range to not emphasise the original “neutral” aesthetic. Since the Naked Heat palette is also outside of this aesthetic, I do believe Urban Decay has now clung into the Naked range as a security blanket, as they know people are collectors and are likely to collect a palette in a range they already have, rather than releasing it as a regular palette, such as Urban Decay Electric, it is a bit overkill in my opinion.

Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Personally, I don’t find this range to have the greatest payoff, (I own One, Two and Three), and I think you could find better “warm” toned palettes on the market, or make your own with customisable shadows.  Another downfall with this palette is that many of the colours look the same or too similar when swatched. Many many Browns and Oranges, but not a lot else. I also feel that Urban Decay are a bit late to the party, in that other brands have already dominated the “warm” toned palette industry, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills with the Modern Renessianse palette, and Morphe with the 35O palette, are they going to have as high of a success rate as if they had come out sooner?

Lastly, it is important to talk about value for money. Urban Decay does have a reputation for having one of the best value high-end palettes on the market. The Urban Decay 12 shadow palettes are 15.6 grams in total (1.3g x 12), for $83 at Mecca Maxima, which is about $5.30 per gram. In comparison, the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is only 7 grams in total, (0.05 grams x 14), for $75 at Sephora, making it $10.70 per gram. Another popular high-end palette is the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette, which has 17.5 grams across the whole palette of 16 shades for $70 at Mecca, which is $4 per gram. In comparison to these two popular palettes, Urban Decay is actually doing pretty well, so at least you can feel you are getting your monies worth.

Overall, there are many reasons why I won’t be buying the Naked Heat palette. Do you have it? What are your thoughts on it?


I remember the day Kylie Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics, after months and months of people speculating over her lips, whether they were really plumped up, what shades she was wearing, etc. She capitalised on this entirely, by releasing a range of lip products called “lip kits” which included a lip liner and matching liquid lipstick.Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

One bit of controversy that came out shortly after her initial release was that these lipsticks were made in the same factory as Colourpop, which usually retail for around $6USD a liquid lipstick, rather than the $17USD she is charging for her individual lip shades. I haven’t tried Colourpop myself, but for Australians and many other countries, limited edition products in America are often very difficult for us to purchase due to the time difference, exchange rates, and slower internet!

I feel with Kylie Cosmetics, the hype is just too much, and not worth the effort personally. Every time a new release comes out, the website almost crashes, it’s 3.00am and they have limited stock to keep the hype going. I haven’t heard anything positive about the rest of her range (she now has eyeshadows and cheek colours among others), and her lip products seem very hit or miss. She also does a lot of releases in a short amount of time, to keep herself relevant in the beauty industry, particularly with her target market.


This palette is everywhere at the moment, it has all of the hype because it is new, but it has also reportedly not had great reviews from the general public. I have heard that this palette has a lot of kickback, and considering how little product is actually in the palette, you don’t want to be losing any to air!Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Anastasia palettes are notorious for being low in value for money. Her standard palettes like the Sub Culture and Modern Renaissance both have 14 colours. But, these 14 shades are only 0.5 grams EACH. Meaning that the entire palette is only 7 grams. I have highlighters with more product than that, just sayin’. In comparison, other high-end palettes as I discussed above, such as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes have 17.5 grams of product in the total palette. That is more than twice, and yet they are a super similar price ($70 vs $75).

I also feel that the Sub Culture palette has really disjointed shades, I would need to supplement it with another palette or individual shades. To me, this defeats the use of a palette. The bright colors are great, for a brightly designed palette. Personally, a lot of the shades in this palette look like poo to me!!


I used to absolutely love Too Faced, but after a tonne of limited edition ranges have been released in the last two years, with many of them going on to become permanent, I just find them tacky. I own the chocolate bar and semi sweet palettes, the natural mattes palette, eyeshadow primer, a tonne of lipsticks, and I used to own the primed and poreless primer. I have tried a fair few items!Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I also used to own the Sweet Peach palette, until I realised I was only using “Luscious” and one or two other shades. I decided to sell it on because the bulk of the shades just weren’t calling to me, and were a bit disjointed. What did a dark purple with no colour payoff, or a shimmery Green or Browns have to do with peaches??

As a continuation of that collection, Too Faced are releasing the Peaches and Cream collection. This collection is either a Sephora or Ulta exclusive in the US, which means that Australians and many other nationalities, won’t be able to access the products as the Too Faced website doesn’t ship to Australia unless we use a shipping forwarder!

While the shades in the matte eyeshadow palette are definitely more “peaches and cream” than the first palette, I think that they are basically recreating a palette they already have with just a few extra shades, the natural mattes palette. It doesn’t yet say online how many grams the palette is, so I can’t yet compare it with their base range of shadows.

Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty SpotThe Sweetie Pie bronzer is another one that looks like a hyped flop-to-be to me. Why would anyone want a bronzer that had pink running through it? Blush goes on the apples of your cheeks and surrounding areas, bronzer goes on your forehead, contour, and jawline. Why would you want anything other than brown or gray in there? Baffles me completely!

Nothing else really stands out to me, a lot of it looks like repackaged existing permanent items. The peach scent is another factor to me, it just smelt like cleaning disinfectant to me, not peaches in the Sweet Peach palette!





Another limited edition product, both from Jaclyn and from Morphe. In my opinion, Jaclyn is lovely, a bit unmotivated and not what I’d consider a hard worker, but a nice person overall. Not everything she touches turns to gold, money wise. The price of the palette in Australian dollars is $49. Yes, you get 30+ shades, but most of them you would already have if you owned the 350 palettes or the original Jaclyn x Morphe palette. Value for money in terms of grams is there, but in terms of unique colours, it’s a no from me.

Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

A palette that big literally gives me anxiety just looking at it, and how many shadows I would have to use up. I do feel like the number of shades in Morphe’s palette always makes me think of children’s makeup, and what I would play with when I was in single digits.

Shipping to Australia is another red flag to me, I plugged in one of their palettes the same size as Jaclyn’s and it was $35AUD+ for me! Just for one item…. Frankly, I feel like that is insane for an international country.

One big pet peeve I have with limited edition products is that you can never rebuy them once you finish them up. Also, half the time limited edition products have so much hype that they become permanent products anyway!



Anti Haul #1 | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Jeffree is a controversial one. I remember him back from the Myspace days where he would be rude to other people because he felt he was a celebrity of sorts. Personally, I don’t feel like much has changed! He seems to be an extremely rude person, and I bought one of his liquid lipsticks in Redrum before I knew anything about him. I don’t like the way he treats other people and acts as a YouTuber. I have decluttered this lipstick now.

I don’t agree with his product names as I find them really tacky or his release tactics but at least he seems to have calmed down with the releases, or maybe I no longer follow people who are interested in him, I’m not sure.


What would you anti-haul at the moment?


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