Another Makeup Declutter, My Thoughts and What’s Gone

My Thoughts On A Declutter

Since my last declutter in December 2016, I’ve been thinking about how many products I have accumulated from competitions, PR, and general gifts that I just don’t use anymore and I should sell/giveaway. I’ve also been holding onto a few too many products in each category when we all know that I use the same favourite products each time.

While I love looking at photos of well organised Ikea Alex drawers, I know that that’s just not me, and I feel guilty holding onto what I have already! I’ve cleared out a few products which I have previously kept to write comparison posts on, even though I know I won’t get around to it. These products aren’t interesting to me, or I would have written about them already!

Being fair skinned, I often buy/receive products which are suited to more tanned skin tones, but I am fair AF and I need to come to terms with this. I feel like I will be able to rotate my products more thoroughly when I declutter just a little bit more. 2017/18 have been a year or so of buying less makeup than ever┬ábefore when I would rate myself as being a member of the “more is more” club.

It is refreshing to realise what I do really love to use.

You can read more about these thoughts in my recent post on my low buy. I do have a certain level of fear that I will “run out” of topics to write about if I declutter products, but in reality, I could write about any combination of the 34948483 products remaining, and not run out of content for a substantial amount of time!

Another reason I have been decluttering products is that they are not cruelty-free and I don’t feel inspired to use them up anymore. In fact, having products which aren’t cruelty-free, really only inspires me to use them for “empties” posts more than anything else. I have been decluttering a mix of products that no longer work for me, or will have a better home elsewhere.

A few products I’ve recently decluttered:

  • Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette: After a few years, I’ve realised I prefer the Semi-Sweet palette so I gave this away to one of my friends who owned only one palette and will be able to give this one a lot of love!
  • NARS Laguna/Orgasm duo: I gave this away to another friend who was running low on bronzer and had wanted to try out Laguna. I’m sure it will also be more loved there as well!
  • Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter: I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is a) too extreme for me, and b) a little dark (Moonstone is more flattering). I’ll be selling this.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation in Fair-Light Neutral: I bought this in the hopes it would match me before I decided Fair Beige matches just a little more. It’s only been swatched on my hand. I have luckily managed to sell this to a better home!
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics One palette: This was my very first palette! I hadn’t been using it much lately as most of the shades were found in other palettes. I passed this one on to mum to compliment the Naked Two palette I gave her last year.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation Powder in Fair-Light Neutral + buffing brush: I thought I would get more use out of this, and so I picked up a foundation powder. Truth be told, I find the coverage of a powder foundation lacking, and this one also transfers. I am too scared even to wear this on weekends!
  • A bunch of MAC lipsticks in darker colours: I don’t tend to wear darker colours much anymore, even though I don’t work in a corporate setting anymore. I usually wear a nude lipstick or occasionally a fun red or pink.
  • Tarte Blush Palette from the 2015 Christmas collection: I only really loved and used the middle blush in it, and the sheer amount of blush in this palette was overwhelming (4.5 grams x 5!) so off it went to a better home.
  • Urban Decay Naked Three palette: I really dithered about getting rid of this one. I didn’t tend to use it much, but it was really really beautiful. In the end, I decided that because it is permanent, if I really want a new copy, I can have one. So far I haven’t missed it over the last two or three months.
  • Smashbox mini liquid lipstick from a Mecca Beauty Loop box: I don’t use liquid lipsticks, so as much as I like Smashbox I don’t wear this.
  • Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks in Lovesick and Motherlode: I like the colours of these, and I bought them at the Pacific Fair Sephora opening. They are by far the only liquid lipsticks I don’t absolutely hate, however, Kat Von D isn’t a brand I want to support anymore as she is an anti-vaxxer.
  • Lipliners from NYX and Rimmel: I don’t wear lipliners for anything but the one red lipstick I have, and so I’ve decided to get rid of all but MAC Brick, and NYX Bloom as they cover the main bright shades I use.
  • Stila liquid lipsticks: I find these to be the worst of all the liquid lipsticks I own as they wore off and flaked off quicker than any others. Even if I did buy liquid lipsticks again, I wouldn’t go near these!

I’m sure this will be ongoing as I rotate more of my stash, and I get closer to the smaller more curated collection I currently crave.

What have you decluttered recently?



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