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About Me

Welcome to From The Palette!

A space created to educate and inspire about all things cruelty-free, curated beauty and lifestyle. 

Hi there, I’m Maddie, a Communications Professional from Brisbane, Australia. I began From The Palette in March 2015 as a creative outlet whilst hunting for graduate positions after university. 

I’m passionate about cruelty-free beauty products and am slowly trying to transition my life in other ways as well. I am not, however, planning to become a vegetarian. I became cruelty-free for many reasons, with the main one being my Beaglier who is basically my daughter. You can read more about my choice here.

My favourite social media platforms are Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest, and you’ll often find me over in each. 

I started blogging because I have a love of beauty, however, over time I have grown tired of the “gotta catch ’em all” mentality and prefer to have a smaller, curated collection of products that I love using. I am open to trying new products, as long as they are in line with my blog (at my discretion). 

I have also gained a keen interest in the technical side of things, and another creative side of blogging such as photography, WordPress, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Between running this blog and working in Marketing, I am very lucky to be across these activities! 

You can expect to find cruelty-free beauty commentary, makeup and skincare reviews, blogging tidbits, and a hint of fashion and lifestyle in my posts. 

I try to post once a week, as I work full time, but I’m always an email away at