About Me + Work With Me

Hello, and welcome to From The Palette, formally Maddie’s Beauty Spot, established in March 2015! I am in my mid 20’s, and currently working in the Marketing industry in Brisbane, Australia. I have a serious passion (read: obsession!) for all things beauty: makeup; skincare; haircare. I started this blog because I wanted to engage with the beauty blogging industry more than as just a reader, and as a creative outlet when I was hunting for graduate roles after finishing university. I enjoy writing for myself, in the hope that my peers are interested in the same content (so far, so good!).

I’m a cruelty-free blogger as of August 2017, as I really believe companies who sell in China for profit are not deserving of my money as in 2017, it’s simply not necessary. My niche on this blog is cruelty-free luxe, as I aim to give my readers the impression and understanding that being a cruelty-free beauty user doesn’t mean you have to stop buying the luxury products from Mecca, Sephora and department stores that you always have. It is possible to purchase cruelty-free in these types of brands. I do purchase from brands which are cruelty free and do not have a cruelty free parent company.

I am open to sponsored posts, and collaborations, however, products which are not sponsored are accepted for editorial consideration only.

Please feel free to reach out to me for collaborations, PR, and general questions via the links below:

Email: maddie@fromthepalette.com
Bloglovin: maddiesbeautyspot
Instagram: @fromthepalette
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For reference:

My skin type: Combination, with dryness around my nose and quite oily everywhere else. I sometimes get pimples.
Hair type: Coloured, slow growing, long, thin, heat damaged.
Nails: I DIY look after them.
Body: Not sensitive to any products so far.
Fake Tan: I do not fake tan.