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DIY Mason Jars for Make Up Brush Storage!

5th April 2015 2 min read No Comments

DIY Mason Jars for Make Up Brush Storage!

5th April 2015 2 min read No Comments

2015-04-04 12.58.23

Last week I decided I wanted to do something about my mason jars holding my makeup brushes, as I found them a bit dull, and they were just a little bit too tall for my Real Techniques brushes!

As you may have seen on my Instagram (@maddiesbeautyspot), I decided to spray them Gold! I had to wait for a weekend/upcoming public holiday so my boyfriend could help me take photos whilst I was spray painting the jars.

Cost Analysis:

  • Mason Jars $2 each (I bought 3)
  • Gold Paint $5.99 (from Riot Arts and Crafts). Make sure you get paint that will stay on glass! Just ask the sales assistants.
  • Masking Tape $2.99 (Riots Arts and Crafts)
  • Stones $2 for a 1kg bag (My local cheap store)

Step One: I first washed my jars with warm soapy water to ensure all the sticky residue of their tags were off to ensure smooth application of the paint!

2015-04-03 16.01.46

Step Two:

I started by filling the jars with some River stones I bought from a cheap store, to measure how much of my jars I wanted to hide!

2015-04-03 16.11.52   2015-04-03 16.12.23

Step Three:

I taped them all the way from where I wanted the paint to stop, to the top of the jar, in case any spray paint spread as it’s hard to control sometimes!

2015-04-03 16.30.42   2015-04-03 16.57.05

Step Four:

I then (wearing gloves and wearing no wrist jewellery!) sprayed a coat of the Gold paint around the jar, making sure to roll the jar with my wrist to get an even coverage. Unfortunately, some coverage is a little thicker than others, just from not realising the nozzle pressure, but no matter!

2015-04-03 17.01.11   2015-04-03 17.00.31

Step Five:

I left them overnight (Painted them at 5pm, unwrapped them at midday next day) to dry inside as it’s been raining here in Brisbane! I found that the paint was so pigmented that I didn’t need to do another coat. The finished product is amazing and I’m so happy I attempted it. Now my brushes have somewhere pretty to live!

2015-04-04 12.49.25   2015-04-04 12.49.31



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