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Blogging 101: 10 Tasks I Do After Publishing A Blog Post in 2017

25th September 2017 5 min read 14 Comments

Blogging 101: 10 Tasks I Do After Publishing A Blog Post in 2017

25th September 2017 5 min read 14 Comments

10 Things I Do Before Publishing A Blog Post

In the world of content creation, what you do after you publish a blog post is just as important as writing the blog post. I have read a bit about the 80/20 rule of 80% promotion, and 20% writing and to be honest, if I am to spend 80% of my time involving a blog post in the promotion aspect, I won’t be getting much out of the actual creation of a post takes me quite a bit of time as is!

  • Schedule a Post on Twitter for the following day and three times a week for the following two weeks

My plugin on my blog (WP to Buffer) automatically posts a “New Post:…” to my Twitter account when I blog, but I like to add a few more to my rotation to include hashtags, tag retweeting companies, and generally have more of a conversation with bloggers and readers about our posts! I have really been getting into Twitter of late, and it has been showing in my traffic.

  • Schedule a Facebook Post for the following day and three times a week for the following two weeks

I have a plugin (WP for Buffer) setup which automatically posts new or updated posts to Facebook and Twitter which saves me loads of time in initially getting my post out there. I do go in and add additional posts to Facebook to reach more people, depending on the time of day. For example, my plugin pushes the post out when it’s published but I publish/schedule my posts at 12.00am typically when most of my Australian audience is asleep so I need to go on to Facebook or Buffer and post some more about my new blog post.

  • Post an Instagram Post regarding your new Blog Post

This can include a slideshow if you have enough images, or you may choose to spread these out. I like to include a really short caption to go with the image, and I used to include the image which had text on it from my blog before I separated them all, but I now just post non-text images for best effect. It made my feed messy and didn’t make sense to a lot of viewers. I usually tag all applicable brands and stores where the products I am blogging about are featured as well as hashtagging them at the bottom of the caption or in the first comment.

After I post, I always go and engage with other bloggers for 15 minutes or so directly afterwards so that I can see what is happening with them and appear active according to Instagram.

  • Pin the main Pinterest image of your post to your Blog board and repin this image to all of your group boards

In each post now I am trying to take a horizontal image with room to add an extra block at the bottom where I can add a title and my blog name before I pin this image to Pinterest. Horizontal images work best on Pinterest, you can see more about my views on Pinterest for beauty bloggers here. Your “blog board” should be the first board on your list of boards on Pinterest.

I am a Member of a couple of quality group boards, and I find them so helpful for having your content seen. For example,  I have 2,500+ followers, and each member of a group might have more than that, but they all see our content. I manage a group board called “Australian Beauty Bloggers”  which you are welcome to email me to join. I also use Board Booster to reloop/repin my blog pins to all of my group boards the maximum that they are allowed in each one.

  • Send an email out to your email list

This is one that I want to get onto myself. I need to create a small opt-in that would be helpful to you as readers so that I can create a signup page and send a monthly newsletter with any updates. I absolutely love receiving them for my very favourite bloggers such as The Anna Edit as I feel like I get to know them a bit better. I send so many marketing emails for my day job in marketing that I really understand what makes a good email and connecting with your audience this way. Is this something you would enjoy?

  • Post to Instagram Stories

I love Instagram Stories and I admit I actually use them far more than regular Instagram and Snapchat. It’s just so convenient to have them right at the top of Instagram and the one algorithm change I actually like is that people whose stories you always view are placed at the beginning of your list. For me, I love seeing what Like Neon Love and Bows and Pleats are up to, as well as Mecca Maxima! You could also go one step further and do an Instagram Live on your page as they are now viewable for 24 hours, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Post to Snapchat if you use this for your Blog

Snapchat used to be my go-to and now I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to view all stories. I still have a few friends who post individually to me on there so I still use it for that. For convenience, Instagram Stories makes more sense to me as a lot of my audience is already on there, and then I can keep Snapchat for posting to friends only. Many brands still do this well.

  • Post to Reddit

There are a few subreddits such as r/beautyblogs where you can post and share your blog post for a bit of extra traffic. It helps to have a really catchy headline here. Personally, I have subscribed to a few gems of blogs from Reddit.

  • Post to any Facebook group blog link pages with your latest post

Many of the blogging support groups I am in have monthly, weekly, and daily threads where you can check out others’ blog posts and comments if you wish. I have found some great blogs this way and made many of my blogging friends today, so it’s well worth looking into. Some of my favourites are Bloggers United Australia and Beauty Bloggers Circle.

  • Post to Blog Squad Facebook group

Lastly, I like to post my blog posts in the thread of the day in the Blog Squad Facebook group. You do need to leave a comment on every blog that posts on this thread, but it is usually very manageable and commenting back within 24 hours it totally acceptable. I’ve found some great blogs on here also.

Basically, I’ve just shown you a bunch of ways to find new blogs to love, just in case you didn’t have enough time to blog yourself as it is!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are able to apply some of these. Would you like a post on a few things to do before hitting publish?



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