10 Beauty Subreddits To Subscribe To

10 Beauty Subreddits To Subscribe To | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Reddit is something I used to think of as a nerdy ‘boys’ activity, or something people went on to fight others with differing opinions. That was before I discovered the makeup aspect of Reddit – I signed up immediately and was hooked! If you like Facebook groups but sometimes get sick of seeing the same questions and insecure comments made over and over – Reddit may be for you. I find the discussions and questions to be of a higher analytical level, and the buyer intelligence to sometimes be a bit higher – because people want genuine answers and discussion rather than just being told to buy something that they may not even need or want.

There are ten amazing subreddits that I am a part of and regularly join in conversations in:


My favourite subreddit, this one is catered to Australian and New Zealand readers as you can tell by the title. I think it’s totally necessary to have a separate subreddit for Aussies and Kiwi’s just due to the price and product differences between us and the USA and UK for example. I find heaps of friendly girls (and guys, I’m sure) on here ready to help with local questions regarding when we are getting products, local sales and general chit chat. Group buys are often held on here too so if you were wanting to purchase something from overseas with a high shipping rate – keep an eye out!


This is the cult subreddit of all makeup subreddits. It’s usually where most ‘redditers’ interested in makeup start – and it’s so easy to get sucked into the vortex of uploading selfies for constructive criticism (the most popular post on this subreddit). I do find that this forum has the most ‘talk me into it’ posts where posters’ will request reasons to buy a product. I sometimes find this subreddit the wrong place to be when I’m trying to save money!


This is probably my second favourite subreddit after r/AustralianMakeup as I find the comments on here to be a lot more ‘real’ in terms of real life factors like budget and “do you already own something similar?” style of comments. In this subreddit you’ll feel supported no matter what you’re doing, whether you are doing a ‘no-buy’, or a ‘low-buy’ or just trying to use up products and purchase products more meaningfully (for example, I don’t like to buy products that are too similar because I could be spending my money on different things, and I also like to stay within my comfort zone because I know what I will actually use). Posters’ here often discuss their thought processes in their purchasing habits, and reviews of products.


This subreddit stems off the MakeupAddictionCircleJerk subreddit, which is actually not my thing at all – but this subreddit has a of discussion of different makeup topics. We discuss things we are enjoying and disliking in the MakeupAddiction subreddit, and have general casual conversations about makeup and beauty products in general.


This subreddit is relatively new to Reddit and I’ve so been enjoying it! Its been gaining popularity lately with people referencing it all on the popular organisational threads. Surely I cannot be the only one who loves looking at makeup setups and organisation, riiight? This place is makeup porn!


This is a much much nicer place than GuruGossip if you want to discuss your favourite Beauty Guru’s and what they’re up to. I enjoy reading about trips gurus are on, campaigns they’re featured in and general life gossip including their recommendations!


Another great one for those trying to get through their makeup before purchasing more. This is where everyone on the interest shares their #panporn accomplishments! I love going on here and seeing people use up eyeshadows and highlighters – that stuff is tough to finish!!


This is the promotional subreddit where I routinely share my posts like this. It’s not so often to comment on threads here – but I have found over a dozen beauty blogs to love on here so I would recommend using this to promote yourself and discover new blogs.


I used to have no idea that you could sell or buy used makeup. The entire idea confused me. Since overhauling my makeup collection through selling and giving away, I have become used to the idea of selling used makeup that could be better loved by someone else. Personally, I don’t buy used makeup – I would rather have less than own second hand makeup but I’m happy my unloved makeup is getting a second lease on life! You just need to make sure you sanitize everything as well as you can.


This is a recent discovery, and one I don’t spend heaps of time on. It’s great for drugstore makeup discoveries! You can find out other people’s holy grail drugstore products and Youtubers who specialise in drugstore makeup looks here.

What are your favourite subreddits for beauty? I would love to hear especially if there are any I didn’t mention.